What do we do?

The CFAC is a coalition of public health groups who agree that television food advertising is a significant threat to the future health of Australian children. CFAC undertake a range of activities including disseminating information on the issue of television food advertising; and calling for action to improve the regulations for television advertising through grassroots, media and political advocacy.

‘Pull the Plug on Food Advertising to Children’ campaign

The CFAC collected 20,521 signed postcards which pledged public support for stronger regulations on TV food advertising to children.

The Pull the Plug campaign was a CFAC initiative to show public support for stronger regulations for TV food marketing. This campaign was run in 2007 to coincide with the review of the Children’s Television Standards, the government regulations for TV advertising to children.

The campaign involved a petition, in the form of postcards that were distributed by CFAC partners and supporters. These postcards were delivered to the Australian Communications and Media Authority who are reviewing the Children’s Television Standards. Politicians were informed about support for the campaign in their electorate.

Parent’s attitudes survey - What do parents think about TV food advertising?

In March 2007 the CFAC, funded by a grant from Queensland Health , ran an Australia-wide telephone survey of 400 parents to find out their attitudes towards TV food advertising. More than two thirds of parents (67%) were concerned about the advertising of unhealthy food products on TV during times when children are watching.

Almost three quarters of parents (73%) disagreed that the current regulations were effective and the majority of parents (89%) agreed that the government should bring in stronger restrictions on unhealthy food marketing to children.
Read the report from this survey here.



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