U18 AFF 2019: Australia easily won over Vietnam

Entering the match against Australia with a certain confidence when the Vietnamese team just won 3 points against Malaysia but coach Hoang Anh Tuan was soon disapointed when losing 1-4, it is worth mentioning these goals comes from quite simple situations.

From the 40th second of the match, Australia U18 had a goal to open the score by Constable. This is probably the fastest opening phase in the AFF U18 Championship 2019 and in the history of the tournament.

Being led early by the opponent, U18 Vietnam has not yet stabilized the game, our U18 players continue to be scored by Australia in the 13th minute from a midfield attack by Ricky Brook.

Before two unexpected goals of the opponent, U18 Vietnam was down spiritually, continuing to reveal deadly loopholes in the defense. In 33 minutes, Tilio cushioned the ball into the wall after Y Eli Nie’s flicking ball, raising the score to 3-0.

To lose 3 goals is quite simple, the students of coach Hoang Anh Tuan continue to reveal loopholes deadly. However, in the injury time of the first half, U18 Vietnam had a goal to shorten the score by Nguyen Hoang.

In the second half, U18 Vietnam also had some situations to attack on the Australian U18 goal with the ball from the left and fixed situations.

Holding many balls but the home team did not make a difference in the attacks. Australia played firmly and made a goal to raise the score to 4-1 in addition time. The attacker is the 17th player Marco Tilio.

Losing 1-4, U18 Vietnam was less than the U18 Australia (top of the table) 3 points. However, coach Hoang Anh Tuan’s team still had chance to play in the South East Asia U18 tournament round of 2019, after winning a direct opponent Malaysia U18 1-0, and Thailand U18 suddenly lost 3-4 against U18 Cambodia.