Learn more about Australian football

Australia is a country of sports. Whether watching any game in Australia, you will see Australian football creating excitement and love for indigenous people.

Learn more about Australian football, Australian football federation of any football federation, Australia joins the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF).

Australian football is considered Australia’s most popular sport and to demonstrate this, fans have made banners placed where players run at the start of each match. Among all Australian sports tournaments, AFL also has the highest participation of Aboriginal players. In the middle of March and September if you come to Australia, you definitely have to see a typical Australian football match.

The Australian national football team is also nicknamed the “Socceroos”, which is the team of the Australian Football Federation (FFA) and represents Australia on an international level. The Australian Football Federation (FFA) is the organization that manages and operates football activities in Australia.

FFA manages the Australian national football team, organizes football tournaments like the Australian Football Championship, the Australian Football Cup, etc. FFA is a member of both the World Football Association (FIFA), Asian Football Federation (AFC) and Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF).

Australia has joined the Asian Football League since 2006, becoming the 12th member of AFF and they have full rights as the remaining 11 members of the federation. Since then they have always had a high position in the world’s largest continent tournaments.

On the football side under Australian law officially came into being in 1859, when the Melbourne Football Club formed and established the first rules of the match.

Today, this dramatic and power-demanding sport takes place between two teams with 18 players, pushing the elliptical ball towards the goal by kicking, throwing and running. The goal of the game is to score goals by pushing the ball through the pillars or kicking it through the middle of the two pillars. Australian sport law has many collisions, and players are allowed to block the ball by hand or block other players with their bodies.