Study and play sports in Australia

During my college preparatory days in Australia, I received a lot of advice on choosing a sport to play. Because you have to have health. And I chose rowing. And I believe you will be more passionate about sports than studying when you come to Australia. Let’s go!

Each year, I have to contribute to the University of Adelaide’s rowing club about 800 Australian dollars. But in return, I was trained in modern gymnasiums with state-of-the-art equipment and meticulous nutrition advice.

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Many people who guide me, or the same club as me are all great athletes. Like Chris Morgan, for example, who had an eight-man bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

The thing I enjoy most about joining the club is that everyone is learning, especially medical schooling. As for Mr. Morgan, it is an expert in the field of information technology.

During my two years of high school in Australia, I did not dare to think about sports even though my native friends asked me a lot. Simply because I think I need to make an effort to get good results. And the graduation exam I reached 99.7.

I ranked first among international students in South Australia. That helped me get a full scholarship at the University of Adelaide. And my chosen field is physics.

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Although not less hard, but by just learning the subjects you like, playing sports, you can work closely with the learners who are also very good. Then I was consulted and trained very enthusiastically so I felt comfortable.

And thanks to that, I was selected to join the eight-person boat racing team. Of course, it’s light for people under 72.5kg. And I just won the South Australian State Championship prize.

Thanks to that, the rowing achievement of my machine was 10 minutes for 2km when I first practiced, now only 6 minutes for 2km.