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Endurance sports events in Australia

Try your athletic endurance in Australia, where we run regular triathlon competitions and our ironmen and ironwomen are names everyone knows. Candidates from all over the world come here to compete for running, swimming, canoeing and cycling through stunning landscapes.

The Australian Rules Football Championship

If you are surprised and confused watching Saturday’s AFL Grand Final, then you are not alone. Although Australian football may be Australia’s most popular sport, many people do not understand the match. Conceptualized by Tom Wills in 1858 as a

Israel Folau and the pinnacle of Australian rugby

The latest post seems to be the ultimate muscle for Rugby Australia. They announced their intention to tear off the Folau contract. The player challenged that decision at a behavioral hearing. The national drama, slated to last for several months,

The Australian International School promotes physical sports

The Australian International School (AIS) develops a youth sports program to supplement students’ physical activity. School sports include swimming, soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, table tennis, rugby, volleyball and tennis. The school has 10 teachers who teach PE, swimming

Study and play sports in Australia

During my college preparatory days in Australia, I received a lot of advice on choosing a sport to play. Because you have to have health. And I chose rowing. And I believe you will be more passionate about sports than

The Grand Slam Tennis Tournament in Australia

Enjoying January in Australia by watching from the stands of great tennis players. You can start the new year by watching eight pairs of famous men and women athletes compete at the Hopman Cup in Perth. The summer tennis tournament

When children play sports in Australia

Once you have settled in Australia, parents should explore the healthy learning and playing environment for their children. In Australia, education and sports for children are very focused. Here are some useful activities that parents who have just arrived in

Playing sports makes it easier to find a girlfriend

Exercise is very good for the body. However, few people know that apart from providing great benefits such as weight loss and muscle building. Playing sports also helps boys increase the chances of finding a girlfriend. In the first, you

The historical day with Australian sports

April 15 has become a memorable day for Australia as a sports enthusiast, when golf player Adam Scott won the Masters. For the first time, a kangaroo country has such a glory. Scott, 32, defeated Argentine Angel Cabrera in the

Recreational sports for Australians

Australian football is a unique combination of rugby and xenon football. Originating in Melbourne, this sport was often played by miners on Victoria Golf in the 1850s. The rules of the game were changed several times after this match. But