The Australian International School promotes physical sports

The Australian International School (AIS) develops a youth sports program to supplement students’ physical activity. School sports include swimming, soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, table tennis, rugby, volleyball and tennis.

The school has 10 teachers who teach PE, swimming and other sports. Teachers work full-time and are certified to rescue with 30 sports coaches and outsourcing staff. All have sports backgrounds, some of them trained in the national team.

With this program, many students of the school have competed at the International School Sports Conferences. And they won international badminton and basketball tournaments.

Eligible students can go out to compete with another school in the Australian Association of International Schools (AISA) tournament. In 2019, AIS sent 44 athletes to Malaysia to compete in three days.

By approaching sports, students and parents can see benefits not only physically, but also socially and mentally. Matt Matt Washer, head of sport at Australian International School, said the school wants to change the way young people spend time outside the classroom.

They adopted a comprehensive sports program, modeled after Australia’s approach to youth sports. In addition to focusing on sports activities at school, the program also helps children take advantage of every opportunity. They develop skills and expose different cultures to meeting like-minded students from around the world.

Playing sports, joining a team, and competing in national and international tournaments helps boost students’ skills. Thereby, students show greater independence and confidence in studying at school, at home and preparing to enter the university environment, in the future.

Dr. Roderick Crouch, Principal of the Australian International School shared that it is difficult for some students to harmonize a healthy, balanced. “The goal of AIS is to provide a balanced and inclusive education. That’s where students can freely use sports equipment as if they were playing a musical instrument,” added Dr. Roderick Crouch.

Ji Soo Kim, a 13th grade student who plans to study abroad in the US next year, shares a lot of competition and development. At AIS, boys have many opportunities to participate in friendly matches between international schools, as well as big competitions such as SISAC. It is a place where students of all schools compete together to find the winner every year.