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Australian Rules Football League

Australia is a country of sport. Regardless of any match in Australia, you will see that Australian football creates excitement and love for the indigenous people. Australian football is considered the most popular sport in Australia and to prove this,

Some features about Australian Football League (Part 3)

Rules To move the football onto the field players are allowed to kick, pitch or run with it, allowing them to toss it every 15 meters. Free kick is awarded when the referee thinks a player has handled the ball

Some features about Australian Football League (Part 2)

Let’s discover some main features of AFL through season, club and score Season The AFL season begins with the NAB Challenge before the season, followed by 23 home turf and rotation, which runs throughout the winter from March to September.

Some features about Australian Football League (Part 1)

If you are surprised and confused when watching the AFL Grand Final, then you are not alone. Although Australian football may be Australia’s most popular sport, many people do not understand the game. We will explain everything from point to

Introduce some AFL ambassadors

Reflecting Australia’s changing population, AFL becomes more multicultural because many new immigrants love the sport and feel their connection with football and the new land. As of 2016, 15% of AFL professional athletes on the official list of 18 Australian