Australia will play with a squad of six Melbourne players

That is a very strong statement of the Australian newspaper. That’s after watching the home team and having a conversation with the Australian women’s team coach, Mr. Ante Milicic.

The day before the match against the Southeast Asian champions, Australian coach Ante Milicic also had a secret. That the Australian media had just discovered.

It is likely that the Australian starting line-up will feature six Melbourne players on the evening of March 6. It is also important to know that Melbourne is a major contributor to Australia. But more importantly, coach Milicic has put all six Melbourne players in the starting lineup.

Among Melbourne’s six players are midfielder Steph Catley, a world-class defensive player. And he is always the one who is always present in the hot spots to neutralize the other strikers in the last match of Group B.

In the last 5 times the two teams have met, Melbourne City has only 1 victory, the rest are 4 defeats. Through 23 rounds, Melbourne City is currently ranked 3rd on the overall ranking table. Meanwhile, Sydney FC with 51 points and is at the top of the table.

On the other side of the front line, entering the season with the mentality of a champion. At first, Sydney FC was not really convincing and dropped to 2nd place on the rankings.

However, with stability in terms of performance over the past time plus ineffective competition from direct opponents. Now, Sydney has successfully reclaimed its top spot. With the latest record of 4/5 unbeaten matches, Sydney has shown a very stable style.

Recently, Melbourne City is having a fairly stable performance with an unbeaten record in the last 4/5 matches. Including 3 wins. It is this positive result that helped them get 3rd place on the rankings.

In the next 23rd round to play at home, this will be an advantage to help Melbourne City against strong opponent Sydney FC. It can be said that this is not a small challenge for teachers and coach Erick Mombaerts.

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