Spring horse racing festival in Melbourne

Melbourne’s spring horse racing festival seems to contain all the festivities, and is the most popular sporting event in the city of Victoria in southern Australia.

If you have the opportunity to go to Melbourne in the spring and right in the first week of November every year, you definitely cannot ignore Melbourne Cup Carnival once – the horse racing festival is considered “can make a country stop “to watch.

Each year over 400,000 people attend the Melbourne Cup Carnival with four big days, including one on the first Tuesday of November. This year the festival takes place on October 31, 3-11, 5-11 and 7-11.

Only on the Melbourne Cup 3-11 day, up to 102,181 people go to Flemington racetrack on site. The number of Australians watching live TV was over 2.5 million. Around the world there are about 700 million people in 120 countries watching news about this event via television and the Internet.

If you’re not a horse racing lover, don’t think about coming to Melbourne Cup Carnival as you come to a sports entertainment cultural event for everyone, not just going to horse racing. .

The festival takes place at the famous Flemington racetrack – where you can easily access public transport specials, such as a direct train from Flinders central station to Flemington every four minutes. once (during the day of the horse race) or the No. 57 tram route departs from Elizabeth Street to the racetrack (entrance at Epsom Road).

Flemington Racecourse in the festive season is always full of roses, making you seem to be lost in the world’s largest rose garden. Roses are grown everywhere, from the entrance to the racetrack, inside the racetrack, along the stands and along the racetracks.

We went to Flemington Racecourse on 3-11 Melbourne Cup, and felt the festive atmosphere was far beyond a mere horse racing competition. Festivals, family members, friends, and especially the fashion culture of festival attendees have made Melbourne Cup Carnival possible to attract everyone.