Big names of Australian football

The Australian football team was originally the giant in Australia Continent. In 2006 they joined Asian football and also became a driving force here. Australian football is showing their growth when they were crowned at the 2015 Asian Cup. In the past, this country used to own many world-class stars and played in many major tournaments including the Premier League. Although Australia has no significant achievements on the world level, the country still produces many big names.

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is well known in the Everton shirt, at first he played the central midfielder position but after seeing Cahill outstanding in the goal, especially in the beginning, the coaches always give him charge of striker. With huge confidence, Tim Cahill played extremely impressive role as striker of Everton. Despite being only 178 high but Tim’s header ability is considered the world’s top, because his ability to jump and choose his position is extremely impressive.

With two goals in Brazil last World Cup, this 34-year-old striker scored in all three competitions he attended (2006, 2010, 2014). In total, Tim Cahill had 5 goals in the biggest football festival on the planet. Only that detail is enough to say how wonderful Tim Cahill’s achievement is, especially if comparing Australia’s limited ability to major competitors in the world.

In the Asian Cup 2015, Tim Cahill was the first to help Australia crowned for the first time, although at the age of 36, Cahill still had his scary killer instincts intact. In this tournament, he scored 3 goals and made a great contribution to the victory. Tim Cahill deserves to be the living legend of Austraulia, a player who is persistent and knows how to shine properly.

Brett Emerton

Brett Emerton has 14 years with the Kangaroo Country where he played 95 times and had 20 goals. Emerton is also an Australian player with the longest time in England. He was one of Blackburn’s most senior players with 247 matches (scoring 13 goals).

Although he is not so famous, but the quality of one of his big players is undeniable, in the role of a central midfielder Emrton quietly playing but is an extremely safe stop with his teams during each competition. He retired in 2012, the image of a strong central midfielder will surely imprint in the hearts of the NHM who regularly watch the Premier League and Australian team.