The Australia Open tournament

These days Australia attracts the international media by the major sporting events taking place in the country.

Ambition for a big tournament

As usual, the Australian Open, one of the four tennis Grand Slams will take place first in the year and this year’s tournament starts on January 19, lasting until February 1 / 2015 in Melbourne city of Australia. As a major tournament, Australia expanded to gather most of the world’s famous players here, not just a performance of players in the men’s singles, women’s singles, doubles matches (men’s doubles) , mixed doubles and mixed doubles), but also a tournament for young players and a handicap tournament. Last year, Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka won the men’s singles champions and China’s Li Na won the women’s singles championship, but this year only Wawrinka defended the championship and Li Na has been keeping the rackets since the end of last year.

Although this is the youngest of the four major Grand Slams in the world, this is the 103rd Australia has organized, and the country’s ambition is to transform it into a grand Slam of the whole Asia region. This has an extremely important meaning for the Grand Slam brand as Asia is developing rapidly with major economies such as China, India, Japan, and Korea, etc. This is also an area with The population has been densely populated in recent years and tennis is gaining popularity. In particular, China, the nation is feverish with tennis (from the successful effect of female tennis player Li Na) and they are expecting the World Tennis Federation to open another Grand Slam in China with one. The price is huge but until now this is only a proposal.

To create appeal, the Australian Open did not hesitate to increase its annual bonus. The total prize value of this year increased to a record figure of 40 million Australian dollars, of which only two championship events for the singles and women’s singles each player could pocket 3.1 million Australian dollars. Not only the winners, all the players who have won the prize, the deeper the more the reward.