Recreational sports for Australians

Australian football is a unique combination of rugby and xenon football. Originating in Melbourne, this sport was often played by miners on Victoria Golf in the 1850s.

The rules of the game were changed several times after this match. But then the Geelong Football Club was established and a new law has been applied since 1866.

Australians also love the world famous sport of cricket. This sport has been popular for more than 100 years and many players have been admired by the world, among them the legendary Donald Bradman. Bradman is tied to cricket just like Pele with football and Babe Ruth with baseball.

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The score of 452 at Sydney’s cricket pitch in 1929 became the highest point in cricket during 60 years. Currently Australia’s cricket team is the strongest team in the world.

This game has two teams of 11 players each. An official cricket match can last from one session to several days. The rules of cricket are similar to baseball.

Tools for playing this sport include cricket ball, racket and a set of three barriers made of wood. Players wear helmets, gloves and shin guards. Apparel includes a pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt or short sleeve.

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Because most Australians live only a short distance from the coast, natural beach activities have become a way of life for many. Surfing is always a national sport with festivals and competitions held on the beach. Big races include Billabong Pro, Rip Curl Pro, Coca-Cola Margeret River Masters, and Coke Classic.

Surfboards were formerly made of wood. However, nowadays fiberglass with many different colors has been used to increase the speed and be easier to observe. The best places for surfing in Australia can be found in the Manly and Bondi beaches in New South Wales, Surfers Paradise off the southern coast of Queensland.