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Australia will play with a squad of six Melbourne players

That is a very strong statement of the Australian newspaper. That’s after watching the home team and having a conversation with the Australian women’s team coach, Mr. Ante Milicic. The day before the match against the Southeast Asian champions, Australian

The Australian Rules Football Championship

If you are surprised and confused watching Saturday’s AFL Grand Final, then you are not alone. Although Australian football may be Australia’s most popular sport, many people do not understand the match. Conceptualized by Tom Wills in 1858 as a

The Australian International School promotes physical sports

The Australian International School (AIS) develops a youth sports program to supplement students’ physical activity. School sports include swimming, soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, table tennis, rugby, volleyball and tennis. The school has 10 teachers who teach PE, swimming

Will the Australian team attend the AFF Cup 2020

Information from the Thai press said that the Australian national team can attend the Southeast Asia Championship in 2020. If Australia attends, the AFF Cup will certainly be much more attractive. Siam Sport leading daily newspaper Siam Sport has information on

Australian Rules Football League

Australia is a country of sport. Regardless of any match in Australia, you will see that Australian football creates excitement and love for the indigenous people. Australian football is considered the most popular sport in Australia and to prove this,