The Coalition on Food Advertising to Children (CFAC) is concerned about all forms of unhealthy food marketing to children. The CFAC is calling for a ban on unhealthy television food advertising during broadcast periods when high numbers of children are watching TV, and also for better regulation of other forms of marketing to children.


Food marketing has been directly linked with children’s food choices and their diets. As the majority of food marketing is for unhealthy foods, such as sugary breakfast cereals, confectionery, high-fat savoury snacks, soft drinks and fast food, this impacts on the quality of children’s diets and can ultimately affect their weight.
Food marketing is thought to contribute to the rising levels of childhood obesity. Children deserve to be protected against the aggressive marketing of unhealthy food.

The Australian government is lagging behind while other countries enforce stricter regulations to prevent children’s exposure to high amounts of food advertisements.
The CFAC was formed in 2002 to address the issue of food marketing to children and to advocate for improvements in food marketing regulations.